Saturday, 1 February 2020

Examiner Reporters framed Tommy Robinson for contempt and deliberately put his life in danger

It came as no surprise to me that "reporters" from The Examiner had deliberately endangered Tommy Robinsons' life, as a part of their direct and ongoing support for Islamic terror groups.

These were the same reporters who framed me for publishing the names of a ring of sex offenders that I had discovered (evidence submitted to the police was routinely destroyed - I had no choice but to use open-source intelligence to protect my family) who were directly linked to the Republican Army, ISIS, and Da'ash.

The "Examiner Live" is a part of the mirror group, as is "Leeds Live". Neither of these publications are trusted or respected among our local community here in the West Riding.

Why LeedsLive published part of Tommy Robinson’s address

And yet the corrupt magistrate, Michael Fanning, issued a court order preventing me from naming the perpetrators - knowing full well that this would put me in danger, because the only thing that prevented these thugs from killing me was that I had made their identities known to the public at large.

The court-order itself provides an irrevocable list of the terrorist/child-abuse rings that operate in the West Riding. I will supply a copy to any interested party.

Over and out.

How reporters from the "examiner live" assisted police in the biggest farce of all time - Operation Ore

Back in 2011, round about the time when we cracked Roy Stobbs darkweb site, I had to spend a lot of time resting, due to my condition. I still do, but it's nowhere near as bad nowadays as it was then, you'll be glad to hear. And to relax, it often helps me to browse galleries of female models. I just skip over the rude bits, and the images of the beautiful looking creatures that god has made induces a relaxation which helps my condition immensely.

Imagine my shock when I saw, on a normal adult image posting site, and advert for illegal child abuse material!

At first I thought that I'd misread the advertisment. Sometimes they make adult models look like children, but of course everyone knows that they are grown-ups.  I had closed the page, and needed to go in my browser cache, with all those strangely named files.

Simply select all and drag them onto an open browser window, and you'll see every site that you've visited, since you last cleaned it.

And there it was - a banner ad promoting illegal (sexual) images of children for sale.

In my semi-conscious state, an induced day-dream like torpor that I use in lieu of sleep, I experienced a deep and excruciating disturbance - like a screaming sound, from those children who were being exploited. This is something that I cannot stand; even if this turned out to be a honeypot, I was still enraged to the point of utter single-minded hatred for whoever had authored such a disgusting item.

To say that this caused me literal physical pain would be an understatement - I was frozen for at least ten minutes, while the spasms took their toll. All this pain, and revulsion, and fear for the lives of the innocent, focused into a single, one-pointed aggression, that I would seek out and destroy whoever was behind this, be they paedophile or hunter. The very idea that a real police force or detective would have anything to do with such a bizarre notion, that they could get away with posting adverts for live child abuse, seemed so ludicrously unprofessional that I laughed at the ridiculous and preposterous idea.

But – guess what! I hacked into their system in less than ten minutes. I put in an order for $4000 worth of material, using a card with no credit, so that I could not possibly be accused of attempting to purchase any material.  This gave me the address of the back-end.  A quick scan revealed that this was  a windows network - and the netbios ports were wide open. I was able to access "file and printer sharing" on the remote, without a password! The fools had shared their entire "C:" drive to the entire universe.

And it turns out that this was hosted at a police station in Texas. On the drive were mugshots of all the officers, the fake child banners, and a whole set of recent holiday snaps showing how they'd spent the budget of operation ore - sipping pina coladas on Miami beach, and gambling their "hard-earned" illgotten gains at the casinos in LA.

They also had a lot of paintball guns - but, on closed inspection, some of the weapons turned out to be real. And dangerous. So they had an arms cache, and were promoting illegal images of children!
Could it be that someone at their department had planned to actually sell illegal material, and "operation ore" was a cover for a real paedophile ring - posing as a police operation?

Next, I did two things. Firstly, I explained to my comrade, using hand signs and grunts, what I had stumbled upon.

I gave him a USB containing the images from the remote, and requested him to create some "wanted" posters.

Then I went into my hacking repository to dig out some software that could send the posters to remote printers. My idea was that we would bombard every open printer on the internet with the posters.

Secondly, I tracked down an open security camera at the location of the target.  The first one I found seemed to be looking at what could be a police station - and, as luck would have it, I got the right taget straight away. So I had them on cam.

All the lights were out, because it was the middle of the night in Texas.

We got the cam up on every monitor in our base, and waited for the scan of the open printers. In less than a few minutes, we had a list of thousands of open devices.  At exactly 9:30, when the countdown hit zero, my colleague hit the "send" button, and those images were automatically printed at schools, libraries, colleges, businesses, and also at airports, cafes, nightclubs - anywhere with an unsecured printer.

And ALL the lights came on at the Texas nick - every light, including the spotlights around the outside, and I could see a small fat man running around in panic.

Scanning the contents of their drive, I found a spreadsheet containing the names, addresses, and credit card details of the suspects who had ordered the online material.

Since the operation had targeted our area in the UK (West Yorkshire), there were quite a few that I recognised! It turns out that The Parish in Huddersfield comprised a veritable hotbed of child-abuse consumers, with no less than three different cards, and SEVEN different persons! Needless to say, I never went there again.

Right at this moment, a group of students, wearing guy-fawkes masks, came to the door, and they had copies of the wanted posters on their laptops - they had been "wardriving", and they had intercepted our transmission out of interest. They asked if they could join our team. We greeted them, and filled them in; they already knew about the botched police op.

The "police" (not anymore!) had deliberately set me up, and were overjoyed when I clicked the order button.

They were expecting to surprise me, and began to barricade the door. However, we had a camera trained on the passage-way, and saw them coming. They charged full pelt with their battering ram, just as the door mysteriously swung open on an improvised counter-balance hastily designed and constructed for that exact purpose (in the same time that it took those officers to walk from their car, through the passage, and onto the exterior balcony at the front of the house).

And they went sailing through the clear pathway, forming a graceful yet gormless arc into nowhere, as they crashed into a heap of cardboard boxes, with an ironing board precariously balanced thereupon, which descended with a resounding thump onto the, now supine, group of former police officers who had literally barged their way out of the police force, shattering their careers with no hope of ever being allowed near a police station again (except for the cells, where they now reside).  Hector the amazing guard dog then proceeded to lick the intruders into submission, thinking perhaps to drown them with his saliva, or cause them to slip even further than laying down flat on the floor, something that these particular officers would probably do, given that stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and greed know no bounds.

Just as the detectives came in, we had relieved the officers of their badges, radios and cards, and wallets, and had them cuffed with their pants down, ready for a strip-search.

The battering ram we hurled over a cliff into oblivion, "to rock and to ride"(- Arthur McBride, trad).

Imagine their surprise when we presented them with a mugshot poster - of their own faces - with the caption "WANTED - Violent Sex Offender at large" and the child-porn banners and the live weapons inset.

And on the camera feed, we could see that the Texas former police station was surrounded by FBI - the former officers there were in a similar state to our Yorkshire ones - pants down, hands cuffed behind their heads, being frogmarched into a blacked-out van.

The Anons had setup a projector, and the reporters were busy filming collapse of our police force, but when they saw what was on the screen, they turned a strange shade of greeny violet.

We could see parts of the weapons cache, but we did not wish to see anything of the FBI operation, without being invited, so we disabled the camera remotely.

And the "reporters" of "The Examiner" had the whole thing on film! Naturally, the police confiscated their equipment, and smashed up all the evidence of the farcical shit-parade that operation ore had now become.

So this is how two men and an Alsatian can overcome a gang of corrupt, malicious, and very stupid, criminals who had somehow managed to obtain positions of trust within the establishment.

Over and out.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

The Examiner threatens the rape gang victims, labelling them as far-right islamophics

Examiner Live Rapist

This article from The Examiner, entitled Huddersfield grooming gang: The Islamophobia issue, constitutes a direct threat to the victims of the asian rape gangs, warning them that if they speak out against the horrendous abuse that they had been suffering, they would be labelled as racist, islamophobic, and linked with Tommy Robinson and the EDL.

The phrases EDL  and ROBINSON both appear in the URL slug (the permalink) of the article - but scarcely a mention is to be found in the actual text!

However a bold photo of Steven Yaxley-Lennon appears part way down the page, with a headline of how he broke the contempt law.

Here's the article verbatim:

Huddersfield grooming gang: The Islamophobia issue

Our court reporter on why Asian grooming gangs are exaggerated by the far right

Huddersfield is the latest Yorkshire town where it has been revealed that a group of South Asian men adhered to the crime model of grooming vulnerable, mainly white girls for sex.
It joins other nearby towns and cities such as Keighley, Bradford and Rotherham, as well as more than a dozen towns and cities across England such as Rochdale, Peterborough, Newcastle, Oxford, Bristol and Telford, where hundreds – if not, thousands – have been exploited over the last few decades.
Obviously this is in no way to say that grooming gangs are not a problem or to diminish the abuse that anyone suffered – or continues to suffer – at their hands. But the fact is that sexual abuse is disgusting no matter what race or religion is behind it.
According to the latest statistics published by the Ministry of Justice, white men are the most common sex offenders, accounting for 77% of all male prosecutions in 2016. To be fair, this could be explained by the much higher percentage of white people in the population.
But in the same year, black men were actually the most common sex offenders per capita with the rate of prosecutions at 25 per 1,000.
Asians accounted for 7% of the prosecutions for sex crimes in England and Wales in 2016.

According to the 2011 Census, Asians were 7% of the UK's total population, but it is likely to have increased from then.
What this means is that Asian men are not the most common sex offenders in England and Wales , no matter whether you look at it overall or per capita, and therefore this ethnic minority is actually responsible for a minority of sex crimes.
In fact, children are statistically more likely to be sexually abused by a member of their own families than by an Asian grooming gang.
But there is a prejudice against whites at play when Asian men target 'our' girls.

Tommy Robinson "broke contempt of court laws with his Facebook Live broadcast outside Leeds Crown Court"
LOADINGTommy Robinson broke contempt of court laws with his Facebook Live broadcast outside Leeds Crown Court

Earlier this year, one of the victims of the Rotherham grooming gang anonymously wrote a very informed and intelligent piece on this issue for the Independent.

In it, she said that grooming gangs are upheld by religious extremism and even went so far as to compare them to terrorist networks. But even she - having very good reason to allow herself to be tempted to take the racist approach - condemned the work of people like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson , saying he doesn't speak for her, and said that she and other survivors are 'uncomfortable' with the EDL's protests.

In her own words, she 'experienced horrific, religiously sanctioned sexual violence and torture' and described how her main abuser beat her as he quoted scriptures from the Quran to her. And in Oxford, it was said that sexual assaults were particularly sadistic.
But, despite what some right-wing media and extremists want you to think, the fact is this isn't actually the case with every Asian grooming gang in the news.
It's a point that the prosecutor of the Rochdale grooming gang, Nazir Afzal, has already made.

nazir afzal

I prosecuted this lot and most of that lot

There is no community where women & girls are safe & listened to, we can make it so

9:55 PM - May 18, 2017
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Speaking about the case in an interview with The Guardian in 2014, he said:
There is no religious basis for this. These men were not religious.
"Islam says that alcohol, drugs, rape and abuse are all forbidden, yet these men were surrounded by all of these things. So how can anyone say that these men were driven by their religion to do this kind of thing?
"They were doing this horrible, terrible stuff, because of the fact that they are men. That’s sadly what the driver is here. This is about male power. These young girls have been manipulated and abused because they were easy prey for evil men."
In an interview with the New Statesman earlier this year, he described the ethnicity of street groomers as 'an issue', but gave more weight to the night-time economy that they often work in, the availability and vulnerability of the young girls who are often around it and the community's silence and lack of action to tackle the problem.
And I believe, based on the evidence heard in court, that what he said is also true of the Huddersfield grooming gang.
Not all of the victims in the Huddersfield case were white - a commonality in cases such as Rochdale and Newcastle which is not often reported by the media.
The ringleader, Amere Singh Dhaliwal, converted to Sikhism after the abuse. He wears a turban, carried a kirpan in it and swore on the Guru Granth Sahib before taking to the witness stand. Raj Singh Barsran, who hosted many of the 'parties' in his house, is also a Sikh.
We shouldn't focus on race and religion and the discourse should be about something much more important - for a start, the causes of hebephilia and ephebophilia.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Paras Sehdev Birmingham - Live Sting! #livesting

Paras Sehdev Birmingham - Live Sting!
Arranged to meet an 11 year old child - but it was an adult decoy from UK Justice!

Republican pedophile Neil Gilpin pardoned several times due to interference by reporter Andrew Robinson and Da'ash rebels

The jury where completely fooled by Robinson's "character reference" which he gave the court, due to his terrorist connections.

Cleared Huddersfield judo coach Neil Gilpin fears sex case will haunt him forever

But - look at this:

Paedophile Neil Gilpin from Slaithwaite jailed for 10 years for sex offences against young boys

Gilpin also had connections to Islamic militants, whose names I am not permitted to publish due to a forged court order by corrupt magistrate Michael Fanning, who forged his way in to the judiciary and knows nothing of British Law and Practice.

But is it really a co-incidence that, soon after I posted my "hurtful" tweet, who should show up on my doorstep but none other than the missing Jihadi terrorist, Saddam al-Jamal, who burns people alive in cages.

I had witnessed Gilpin plotting with a republican terror group, who were creating "snuff" movies of their activities, which included acts of indecency towards children.  The Jihadis were also among the protagonists, and it's no surprise that when I published their identities, Islamic terrorist sympathizers inside the authorities saw to it that I was silenced.

And you can watch the video of my arrest, and the Jihadi trying to hide his face from the camera:

Andrew Robinson, Journalist, who ensured Gilpin's acquittal at trial by submitting a phony character reference. You can see how he's putting out "pedophile" signals, for example, his header shows a funny man approaching some children in the street, seemingly innocent, but in the context of him having deliberately helped a known child rapist, maybe not so...?

And Robinsons' car is plainly visible, along with known Jihadis and child "groomers", outside my house in Crosland Moor:

Pedophiles with their sickening hobby - their "Christopher" Hobby (aka Kris Manalien)...

Thanks to "convicted trolls" for pointing out this one - his name is "Christopher John Hobby", also known as "Kris Manalien" (alien - "join the human race" is a phrase often directed at child abusers and rapists).

It's interesting how perverts drop these "little" clues, imagining them to be visible only to other sex offenders.  Often it is their names - "Christopher Robin" must be a favourite among pedophiles, and "The Hobby" is what Julian Levine called his filthy habit.

Andrew Robinsons Reporter, best friends with convicted sex offender Neil Gilpin
Take a look at Andrew Robinsons' facebook page - he is known to be best friends with convicted sex offender Neil Gilpin
So if you notice something peculiar about a persons page on facebook or twitter, for example, a header featuring small children being approached by an adult, then you know for sure that it's a NONCE signalling to the other nonces that it's a place to buy and sell children for rape.

He (Hobby) has messaged me, and put up a blog post that is obviously targeting myself.  I don't expect his site to exist for much longer, so I've archived it:

And here's some more clues:

So it couldn't be more obvious really - Christopher Hobby you're a NONCE